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The name of the organization shall be Cambodian Students of Aloha at the University of Hawaii (CSAloha). The CSAloha is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to all Cambodian students with a goal toward higher education. The CSAloha will also be involved in promoting and preserving the Khmer Culture and promoting interactions and understanding among people of Khmer heritage and those who bear interest in Cambodia and/or her culture and people. The CSAloha operates as one of registered independent organizations (RIOs) and does not represent any political or religious ideologies both on/off campus.
Article I-Name
The name of the organization shall be Cambodian Students of Aloha at the University of Hawaii. It is also known as CSAloha.
Article II-Purpose
1. To strenghten relationship among Cambodian students and other local students as well as international students from all over the world.
2. To preserve and promote Cambodian culture and heritage through special events, University's activities and other occasions.

3. To help and support higher education for Cambodian students through interactions, promotions and consultations.

4. To keep strong ties with Cambodian community of Hawaii as well as other communities and student associations.
Article III-Memberships
Section 1 - Membership is open to all students, faculty and staffs who are affiliated with the different colleges/universities and who bear interest in Khmer culture throughout the communities within the state of Hawaii.
Section 2 - Types of membership shall consist of active, associate, life, and honorary memberships.
  1. Active membership requires that the member must be enrolled as a student in the University of Hawaii.
  2. Associate membership, these are enrolled at other colleges/universities. They shall have the same requirements and privileges as active members, except that associate member may not hold office.
  3. Life membership is offered to those in the community who contributed substantial time, effort and goodwill to the organization and have been significant and active member of the organization.
  4. Honorary membership may be conferred upon an individual who provided exceptional support, guidance and contribution to CSAloha and is chosen by the executive board for such honor.
Article IV-Officers
Section 1 - Officers will consist of the following:
  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Public Relations
Section 2 - Qualification:
  1. The President and Vice-president shall be able to speak Khmer and understand the Khmer culture thoroughly.
  2. Each of the officers shall be a registered student or affiliated at the University of Hawaii.
Section 3 - Duties of Officers:
  1. The President shall preside over the entire executive board and general meetings of the organization. The President shall enforce the constitution and rules of the organization.
  2. The Vice-President shall assist the president in his /her duties and to perform the tasks of the President in his/her absence.
  3. The secretary shall be responsible for recordings and other administrative businesses.
  4. The treasurer shall be in charge of all financial matters of the organization including the funds of the organization, sign all checks, and keep an account of all the transaction of the organization.
  5. The public relation officer shall have the ability to reach out within communities and as well as global.
Section 4 - Termination and Reinstatement:
An officer who does not comply with assigned responsibilities may be relieved of office by two-third majority vote of the active members.
Section 5 - Vacancy:
A candidate must be agreed upon by two-third of majority vote by the active members.
Section 6 - Term and Office:
  1. Officer shall be held a year term of office.
  2. Officer are allowed to run for reelection.
Article V-The Executive Board
Section 1 - The executive board shall consists of the officers.
Section 2 - The executive board shall handle the regular business of the organization.
Article VI-Elections
Section 1 - Active members, who meet the qualification listed in Section 2, Article IV, shall be eligible to run for office.
Section 2 - Election of all officers for the following academic year shall be held during the month of January. All members shall be notified regarding the election.

Article VII-Meetings

Section 1 Executive meeting shall be held monthly and open to only officers.

Section 2 General meeting is open to all members. Meeting are arranged and scheduled by the executive board.

Article VIII-Finances

Section 1 Membership Fee:

Membership fee shall be a fee of $10 per semester for each member. All fees should be given to the Treasurer.

Section 2 Authority:

    1. The bank account shall be named under the organization.
    2. The treasurer shall have the right to access the account under the President's authority.

Section 3 Plans of budget:

    1. All expenditure shall be spent for the purpose of the organization only.
    2. All expenditure should be decided by two-third of the executive board.


Article IX-Amendments

Section 1 The bylaws may be amended or revised by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all active members at a meeting designed for that purpose. Copies of proposed amendments shall be provided to all members in writing or other appropriate through media of communication at least one month prior to meeting.

Section 2  The name of the organization shall not be changed, used or formatted into any other form without the major votes (75%) of the active members.

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