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According to the meetings on Friday evening and several other informal discussions in September and October 2006, Cambodian students who are pursuing graduate degree at the University of Hawaii at Manoa 2006, decided to re-activate Cambodian Students of Aloha at the University of Hawaii to implement key objectives as following:

1. To strengthen relationship among Cambodian students and other meanstream students as well as international students from all over the world.

2. To preserve and promote Cambodian culture and heritage through special events, University's activities and other occasions.

3. To help and support higher education for Cambodian students through interactions, promotions and consultations.

4. To maintain strong ties with Cambodian-American Buddhist Association of Hawaii (CABAH), Cambodian Community of Hawaii as well as other organizations/communities and student associations.


CSAloha was found by former Cambodian students of East West Center and University of Hawaii at Manoa espcially two Cambodian students ie Mr. Chanthoeun To and Mr. Savouth Chea.

With advices from elders like local Khmers of Hawaii: Mr. Hongly Khuy, Dr. Chhany Sak Humphry, Mr. Anthony Deth, Mr. John Keat, Patric Keo, Mr. William Ouk; and Cambodian Students: Ms. Leakhena Nou, Mr. Sochet Vitou Tang, Ms. Sokha Neuov, Mr. Kaine Lim, Mr. Phalla Pan, Mr. Seiha Hul, Mr. Boriraks Sar, Mr. Chamroeun Heng, and others ,in Hawaii, CSAloha was offically formed into a registered independent organizations (RIOs) named, Cambodian Students of Aloha at the University of Hawaii (CSAloha).

Its idea was to provides assistance to all Cambodian students with a goal toward higher education and involved in promoting and preserving the Khmer Culture and promoting interactions and understanding among people of Khmer heritage and those who bear interest in Cambodia and/or her culture and people.

CSAloha succeeded the cultural activities including the Khmer New Year Celebration in 1997, 1998, and 1999 in Hawaii. Joined with the University of Hawai'i Lab School and the local Cambodian community of Hawaii, the Khmer New Year celebration was the big hit which has shown the world that Khmers are very proud of carried out their culture and passed it on to their children. For more, click here

Further more, CSAloha keeps up with the information technology to provide all Khmers around the world to communicate effectively and efficiently through the csaloha's web site.



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